A World of Hope, Where We Deal Fun,
Freedom, and Fulfillment.


Welcome to our world of Hope. Where we deal doses of hope that blanket all areas of your life. The opposite of addiction (whether it be substances, food, relationships, etc) is CONNECTION. Here we hope you find ways on your journey to connect and live life at your highest potential filled with fun, freedom, and fulfillment in all areas of your life, and to have the assurance that no matter what part of your journey you are on, you are never alone. Hope is always there for you.

Hopedealers Worldwide is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves the metro-Atlanta community and others worldwide.

We serve those whose lives have been touched by the disease of addiction by providing a wide array of support services, therapeutic travel experiences,  educational scholarships for CADC classes, counseling (including Anger Resolution Blueprint Technique and Amen Clinic Method Brain Health Coaching),  transportation services, community education workshops,  a variety of support group meetings, and Drug & Alcohol Evaluations with court admissible reports along with treatment and accountability options mitigating sentencing. We co-create an encouraging environment that restores joy, hope, connection, purpose, and self-worth in people’s lives.

Be part of the solution and become a
Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor!

We host CADC classes for all members of the community and offer educational scholarships to those in long term recovery who qualify.
Currently live classes are offered twice monthly. (Live on Zoom, and live at our office in Canton, GA.) We also offer online self-study training classes.  

CLICK HERE TO ENTER OUR ONLINE SCHOOL (approved in 47 states) 


See informational videos below:

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Our most popular travel experience is our Hope is the New Dope Bottle School Voluntourism Service Project where those in long term recovery in our communities, along with their friends and family, travel to Guatemala to build eco-friendly schools for children in underprivileged communities.

NEXT ADVENTURE: TBA (delayed due to COVID-19)

Three Arenas One Mission: HOPE

Hopedealers Recovery & Support
Our 501c3 nonprofit organization that deals hope through recovery activities and support services to those who have been touched by the disease of addiction. We support those in the community whose lives have been touched by the disease of addiction. Ranging from Support Group Meetings (AA, NA, All Recovery) to Art Expression Classes, to Peer Support Recovery Coaches and Community Education Workshops.
Hopedealers Health & Wellness
offers services that bring hope to your health and well-being through Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Coaching, Amen Clinic Method Brain Health Coaching, Individual and Group Addiction Counseling, Anger Resolution Blueprint Process, and assessment/evaluation services for attorneys, courts, and private requests.
Hopedealers Lifestyle & Travel
Our global organization that helps support our 501c3 and brings hope through freedom, fun, and fulfillment to those who desire stress reduction and relaxation through a VIP travel lifestyle yet are limited by an average budget. We often say that through our simple VIP bulk buying concept, we can offer VIP travel experiences at deeply discounted rates… offering a champagne lifestyle on a sweet tea budget. Explore a global travel community of like-minded positive individuals and families that comprise of over 2 million people from over 40 countries around the world. Tomorrow is not promised. You only live once. Welcome to experiences of hope and adventure.

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Nadine Blase Psareas, a resident of Cherokee County, is the founder of Hopedealers Worldwide 501c3 non-profit organization, offering support services, board certified counseling, board approved continuing education training classes, and educational scholarships to those who have been touched by the disease of addiction and supporting those in recovery in the community. Nadine holds her BSED in Elementary Education,  CAMS (Certified Anger Management Specialist), CADC II (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II),  DVS I (Domestic Violence Specialist I), ARBS (Anger Resolution Blueprint Specialist), ERBS (Experiential Blueprint Specialist), and is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Certified Brain Health Coach through The Amen Clinics. She also is an International Bestselling Author of HOPE DEALERS: The Calling, The Struggles, The Breakthroughs, and The Community of Believers.