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As a licensed insurance broker with a clinical addiction counseling and integrative behavioral health background, combined with a team of certified peer support recovery coaches, we assist those struggling with substance use disorder and also those in recovery, to obtain affordable health insurance needed to get the medical care needed

Meet our Professional Licensed InsuranceTeam


Nadine Blase Psareas,

Licensed Insurance Broker/Agent, Professional Addictions Counselor, Integrative Behavioral Health Professional, Licensed Brain Health Trainer, Professional Educator, Best Selling Author, Non-Profit Owner of Hopedealers Worldwide.

Screen Shot 2023 11 05 At 7.26.36 Pm

Amber Robinson

Licensed Insurance Broker/Agent, Peer Support Recovery Coach, Certified Integrative Behavioral Health and Wellness Professional... the real one in charge.


Julia Emory

Licensed Insurance Broker/Agent, Data entry specialist and new mommy.

Screen Shot 2023-11-05 at 7.46.15 PM

Jordan Porter

Licensed Insurance Broker/Agent. Licensed Realtor, Entrepreneur, Packers Fan

Screen Shot 2023-11-05 at 8.04.41 PM

Ariel Read

Licensed Insurance Broker/Agent. Professional Educator, Certified Integrative Behavioral Health and Wellness Professional, Published Author... the artsy one.

Pete Headshot

Peter Psareas

Licensed Insurance Broker/Agent. Licensed Realtor, Entrepreneur, Patriots Fan, Co-Owner of Hopedealers Worldwide

Del Hughes - Headshot

Del Hughes

Licensed Insurance Broker/Agent. US Marine, Entrepreneur, Former Non-Profit owner of Atlanta Boom Volleyball, Div I Collegiate Volleyball Official

Support Staff

Mary Rogers

Mary Rogers

Mary Rogers, C.A.R.E.S., Certified Peer Specialist of Addictive Disease, Integrative Behavior Health & Wellness Coach, Peer Case Manager, Non-Clinical Placement, Reentry Specialist

Mira Froum

Mira Froum

Certified Crisis Interventionist, Peer Recovery Coach, Behavioral Health Coach, Founder of Love Hub Recovery... the Real Recovery Barbie.

John Shreve

John Shreve

Outreach Manager for Hopedealers Worldwide, Certified Integrative Behavioral Health and Wellness Coach, Peer Support Recovery Coach

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Dental Information

What we have found is that dental insurance is fantastic when working for a company that offers group dental. Unfortunately, many people do not work for a company that offers group dental. The alternative of marketplace exchange or private dental sometimes require “waiting” periods before the client can get the work done. In addition, the client very often still has a large percentage that they are responsible for paying even with insurance.
For this reason, we would like to provide Private Stand Alone Dental Options from Cigna (see below) ...  in addition to information for WalMart Health for Dental at this site: Walmart Health Dental Care

How to get Suboxone and the Sublocade Monthly Injection for Low Cost or Free:

Georgia Harm Reduction Coalition: Lyla Center in Woodstock: 470.230.8223

Sublocade coupon for copay assistance click here

How to get Vivitrol for Low Cost or Free:


Ascensa Recovery Center
FREE Medically Assisted Treatment (state-funded Vivitrol Program), Detox, and Residential Treatment
Contact: 404 534 2192

To get Vivitrol for FREE for 6 months please call The Patient Assistance Program at: (800) 848-4876
Press Option 4 (must have low OR no income to qualify)


Copay Assistance Program for Vivitrol
(this can help you meet your deductible for insurance and will cover your Vivitrol copay!)

Most insurance carriers provide coverage related to Opioid Dependence and other Substances (detox, php/iop, counseling, office visits, scripts, and more)
In Georgia, we can assist you with obtaining possible low-cost and sometimes no-cost insurance plans that are based upon variables such as your income and county of residence. You may contact us for assistance with this process in assisting you with the application process with a licensed insurance broker at no charge.


1. Visit a medical doctor for appropriate diagnosis and prescription.

2. Get the Vivitrol CoPay assistance card:

Opus Health is another option.