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Resolution Solution

Hope for the Soul/Spirit

What started as a family’s desperate search for ways to support their son and the thousands of young people struggling with substance use disorder-well beyond medications and traditional counseling, proved to be the springboard to a new and innovative approach to reducing the risk of a setback . The goal is to create that high, the euphoria that some seek through heroin and other substances, through life-changing experiences, reconnection of relationships, a sense of belonging, travel, and volunteerism. With the help of a network of caring adults willing to do whatever it takes to help others stay off drugs and on the road to successful recovery, those with a substance use disorder can find a new joy in life, purpose, a feeling of self-worth and the empowering optimism to know they can beat addiction, feel like they belong, are part of something impactful, and can function successfully once again.

The Resolution Solution Process first identifies the 3 types of anger to the client, (outburst, fantasy, and inward/avoidance), then the process takes the client back to the original structures that have been built identifying the root of the anger or the undealt-with issues. So the purpose of the Resolution Solution Process is to help individuals resolve anger both internal (negative self-dialogue) and external expressions. This process goes beyond learning how to manage aggression by focusing on what kind of thinking drives anger, why some people react instead of responding, and how self-centered fear and unforgiveness are the foundation of all unresolved issues. The process then guides people to create awareness and change their inner voice thereby helping them experience healing and freedom through self-forgiveness.

The RS process can be completed in an average of 8 sessions, with an optional 9th session including an intensively healing guided imagery experience, and an optional 10th follow-up session. Please contact us to set up your first consultation to determine if this would be a good fit for you.