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Hopedealers Worldwide is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

 Your donation is the beginning of recovery for a young person committed to a drug-free future. Thank you for your kind and generous support. 

Your donation is tax deductible.
Please designate any special instructions in the comment button.

Thank you for your support!

(You may donate for CADC classes, counseling, or any other reason on the button above. Please note what your donation is specified for please)

On behalf of everyone at Hopedealers Worldwide, THANK YOU! 


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Become a Hopedealer

Because of our beloved volunteers, Hopedealers Worldwide/ The ROCC  is exponentially increasing the number of people and their families empowered with the tools to experience the high of dopamine through the support of and by helping others.  This can help replace the need for anything else in their bodies to get high. We rely on community volunteers to help a small team make a huge impact on the future of these struggling yet brave individuals.

There are several opportunities for those committed to creating drug-free communities and those committed to a lifestyle of recovery:



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