Anger Resolution Blueprint

Join us for a 2-day workshop that I am confident will bring life-changing value. We are pleased to offer a generous scholarship to those who are serious about becoming equipped with this certification to help others in this radical way.

There is so much unresolved anger in this world leading to addiction, relationship conflicts, and so much other destruction in the lives of all of us!

This 2 day ARB workshop consists of a powerful cutting edge different approach to Anger Management that many are finding tremendous success with.

It takes you back to the original structures that people have built that identifies the root of the anger. So the purpose of the Anger Resolution Blueprint is to help individuals resolve anger both internal, negative self-dialogue, and external expressions. This process goes beyond learning how to manage aggression by focusing on what kind of thinking drives anger, why some people react instead of responding and how self-centered fear and unforgiveness is the foundation of unresolved anger. The process then guides people to create awareness and change their inner voice thereby helping them experience healing through self-forgiveness.

So maybe you already have this part of your life mastered… awesome… if so, then… have you ever had a desire to help other people effectively? Or maybe lead others or just simply help out a loved one, friend or family members more effectively?

You will be asked to participate through experiential activities as you learn how to take individuals through this blueprint.

With this certification, you can either choose this to experience a personal breakthrough for yourself OR … you can choose this to become a qualified recognized specialist with credibility to truly help others as this class does provide 12 hours of state approved CEU’s, if that’s something you need or could use.

So, Hopedealers Worldwide is partnering with Blueprint Resolution Counseling to generously reduce the fees of this 2-day program by 75% of the regular cost to receive this certification. Normally this is a $400 certification program as it shows on their website… so together we are offering a generous option to the community at no profit at all.

You can find more information at:
There is limited space, so if you or anyone you know has any interest or any questions, please contact us at or reserve your spot with a $50 deposit here:

We hope you take advantage of this because it is so desperately needed in our communities and in our families.